Chinese American Academic & Professional Society (CAAPS)

CAAPS Activities, Announcements, and News Reports in 2017:

CAAPS 42nd Annual Convention was held on August 19, 2017 at
the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel in Flushing, NY.  Secretary Elaine
Chao of the US Department of Transportation, Dr. Henry Lee, and
Ven. Chang-Hwa delivered speeches … (美東華人學術聯誼會第四
舉行, 美國運輸部趙小蘭部長、李昌鈺博士及釋常華博士應繳
分別擔任晚宴及開幕式主題演講人 …) (click here to see the

CAAPS 42nd Annual Convention - Call for Papers (美東華人學術 聯
誼會2017年年會學術研討徵文) (click here for the announcement)

CAAPS Education Seminar (美國教師認證及華語教學) was held on
Saturday, May 13, 2017 (click here for the announcement and news

CAAPS Forum on "Impacts and Challenges of Trump's New Policy"
(川普新政的衝擊與挑戰 座談會) was held on Saturday, February
25, 2017 (click here to see the information)

CAAPS new Board Chiarman and President (美東華人學術聯誼會二
O一年新任董事長及會長) (click here to see the information)
(Left to right: CAAPS President Hui-Yin Hsu,
CAAPS Board Chairman Feng-Bao Lin)